A 3D model for thickness and diffusion capacitance of emitter-base junction in a bifacial polycrystalline solar cell

  • S Mbodji
  • B Mbow
  • FI Barro
  • G Sissoko
Keywords: Polycrystalline Solar Cell, Grain Size and Grain Boundary, Capacitance, Junction


Through this paper, we present n+-p-p+ solar cell. Mathematical relations describing the generated carriers’ density are expressed, using among others a new approach involving both junction and back surface recombination velocities in a 3D modelling study.
Based on the normalized carriers’ density versus the base depth and operating an open circuit voltage, we study the space-charge layer thickness (Z) versus various parameters such as the grain size (g) and the grain boundaries recombination velocity (Sgb). Hence, the relationship between Z and the diffusion capacitance show that junction in the n+-p-p+ solar cell, when the columnar orientation is considered, is characterized by the plane capacitor properties.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-0579