Static correction parameters in the lower flood plain of the central Niger delta, Nigeria

  • GI Alaminiokuma
  • J Amonieah
  • ARC Amakiri
Keywords: Weathering layer velocity, Weathering Layer thickness, Downhole, Lower flood plain, and, Kaiama- Niger Delta


Downhole seismic survey was conducted over the lower flood plain of the Central Niger Delta within the Kaiama prospect (OML 28) in an attempt to compute and determine the static correction parameters for the area.
Analysis and interpretation of data from 14 downhole locations using NESURVELANA software shows that the thickness of the weathered (low velocity) layer is laterally variable from about 2.6m to 5.8 m with an average of 4.3 m. The weathering velocity ranges from 383 m/s to 985 m/s with an average value of 546 m/s. The consolidated layer below the weathered layer has a velocity ranging between 1646 and 1893 m/s with an average value of 1763 m/s. Knowledge of these computed parameters can be applied in oil and gas exploration and interpretation, also in civil engineering, where the determined LVL provides an estimate of the foundation depth for massive construction works, another area of application is in the exploration and exploitation of groundwater.

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eISSN: 1118-0579