Effects of different grain starches as feed binders for on-farm aqua-feeds

  • LO Tiamiyu
  • SG Solomon
Keywords: Grain Starches, Feed Binder, AQUA-Feed, Pelletability Water Stability


This study was carried out to screen and evaluate the effects of different grain starches namely millet starch (DT1); rice starch (DT2); guinea corn starch (DT3); wheat starch (DT4) and maize starch (DT5) as feed binders for onfarm aqua-feed respectively. Starches obtained from these grains in addition with other feed ingredients were used to formulate five (5) isonitrogenous diets at 35% crude protein. The starches were incorporated into the diets at 5% inclusion levels. The evaluation of the physical parameters revealed that there were significant difference (P<0.05) in
pelletability, hardness, dustiness, water stability and friability among the treatments (diets). The diet with wheat starch (DT4) had the highest values of pelletability, water stability and lowest dustiness value. Similarly, the diet with millet starch (DT1) had the lowest value for pelletability and highest value for dustiness. From this study, it revealed that the promotion of starch sourcing from natural carbohydrates (grains) could produce alternatives to conventional binders especially synthetic binders. It also revealed that among the grain starches screened and evaluated, wheat grain starch (DT4) is superior to others and could be recommended as binder for on-farm aqua-feed.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1118-0579