Ghana Journal of Science

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Recovery of carbonates and hydroxides from cocoa pod ash: analysis of samples from ochiso liquid soap pilot plant

B Mensah, M Aggey


Ashes of cocoa pods contain alkali which is traditionally leached out and used to produce ‘alata' soap. Ghana's Institute of Industrial Research has tested a pilot plant that produces liquid soap from cocoa pod ash, waste lime (Ca(OH)2), and palm kernel oil by initially converting the potassium carbonate in the leachate to hydroxide. Percentage recovery of K2CO3 in the leachate averaged 50.2 per cent, while 75.9 per cent of Ca(OH)2 was recovered with a conversion rate of 86.3 per cent. Pilot plant conversion figures compared favourably with earlier laboratory work (85.0 - 85.7 %), but the results suggest efforts be made to improve the filtration system of the pilot plant.

Ghana Journal of Science Vol. 45, 2005: 35-39
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