Prevalence of Giardia species in Cattle Faecal Matter in Selected Farms in Weija and Kpong Major Water Supply Heads to Accra, Ghana.

  • G. T. Mensah CSIR-Water Research Institute, P.O. Box AH38 Achimota
  • A. K. Annang Noguchi Memorial Institute for Medical Research, College of Health Sciences University of Ghana, Legon
  • P. F. Ayeh-Kumi Department of Microbiology, University of Ghana Medical School, College of Health Sciences, University of Ghana, Korle-Bu
  • J. A. Oppong Department of Animal Biology and Conservation Science, University of Ghana, Legon
  • S. Niampoma CSIR-Water Research Institute, P.O. Box AH 38 Achimota
Keywords: water;, contamination;, diarrhoea, infant mortality, Giardia sp.


In developing countries including Ghana, giardiasis plays a major role in gastroenteritis in vertebrate. It poses health and socio-economic burden, and continues to be one of the causes of infant and calf mortality. Their infection continues to thrive in humans due to the zoonotic transmission of infected domesticated animals including cattle, dogs and cats, and their con­tinual presence in water bodies. The objective of this study was to establish their presence and evaluate the prevalence of Giardia sp. in cattle faecal matter in the environment in the Kpong and Weija communities. The Iron-haematoxylin staining techniques was used to analyze the faecal samples in order to identify Giardia sp. (Student t- test and Chi square were the statistical analyses) used for the studies. About five percent (5.3%) prevalence was obtained in both com­munities and this was significant (p> 0.05). The parasite was found to be most prevalent (9.4%) in calves less than 3 months old and this decreased with age of calf. It was also observed that Giardia plays an important role in the cause of diarrhoea in cattle. There is the need to educate people on the disease and its implication on the quality of water from the treatment plants.

Keywords: Giardia sp, water, contamination, diarrhoea, infant mortality.


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eISSN: 0855-1448