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Ensuring quality control of forensic accounting for efficient and effective corporate management

SO Effiok, OE Eton


This study focuses on ensuring quality control of forensic accounting for efficient and effective corporate management. Over the years, fraud has taken the center stage in every discussion whether in business or social. “3m” have been identified to be the tool used to effect this crime namely; misappropriation, misapplication and misrepresentation of financial information. To ensure a valid conclusion of the study the ex-post facto research design was applied. Data were collected through questionnaire and analyzed using the ordinary least square technique. The study revealed that the levels of qualification, experience, independence of forensic experts as well as the level of internal control instituted by management do significantly affect corporate management. Based on the findings of the study, it has been concluded that the variables of qualification, experiences, independent of forensic accountants corroborated by the management control strategy of installing effective accounting control, personnel control and segregation of duties control can sustain efficient performance in any organization. Experts should be assured that client operatives are of high quality in other to perform optimally such that stakeholders reap the reward of their investment. Staff should be exposed to regular workshop and seminar to update their knowledge on current standards provided by the international financial reporting standard (IFRS). This way quality performance will be all round.

KEYWORDS: Forensic accounting, Quality standards, Financial misappropriation, Financial misrepresentation, Corporate management.

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