The realities surrounding the applicability of medical paternalism in Nigeria

  • John A. Ayodele
Keywords: Medical paternalism


Health matter is a growing social concern that cut across a wide range of actors and policy fields between healthcare stakeholders and patients. As human health and the delivery of effective healthcare is not a straight forward matter, their general recognition as public goods imposes on society an obligation to explore ways of improving health care outcomes. As a result of this, a variety of fields, practices, institutions and instruments have a role to play including the law. In view of this, the most paramount duty or obligation is that of the health care stakeholders who by their expertise and knowledge are meant to protect the life of their patients as regulated by law under the ethical values of paternalism. This study uses a doctrinal research methodology in discussing the concept of medical paternalism, its historical development, typology of medical paternalism, paternalism and ethical theories and arguments for and against medical paternalism, this study further recommends appropriately.

KEYWORDS: Medical paternalism


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eISSN: 1596-6216