Pain, range of motion and activity level as correlates of dynamic balance among elderly people with musculoskeletal disorder

  • AL Bello
  • E Ababio
  • S Antwi-Baffoe
  • MA Seidu
  • DN Adjei
Keywords: Pain, Hip flexibility, Activity level, Turn- 180, Dynamic balance


Background: Assessment of impairment and disability measures on dynamic balance status of elderly patients is well documented in the rehabilitation of neuromuscular disorders. Few studies however considered similar evaluation in musculoskeletal disorders.
Objective: To determine the influence of pain, hip range of motion and level of activity on dynamic balance among elderly people with hip osteoarthritis (OA).
Methods: Elderly patients with hip OA participated in the cross-sectional survey. The impairment measures were assessed using the visual  analogue scale and double-arm universal goniometer whilst their levels of
activity were assessed with the Barthel Index. Participants performed Turn-180 on two trials by taking steps clockwise and anti-clockwise round a sturdy arm chair. The total number of steps taken to complete each Turn-
180 was determined. Descriptive statistics were used to summarize data whilst Pearson moment correlation coefficient determined the correlations of the variables at 95% confidence interval.
Results: The study involved 87 participants comprising 40(46%) males and 47(54%) females. The age of the participants ranged from 60 to 74years with a mean of 65.8±4.5years. There was a positive and significant correlation (r=0.596; p<0.001) between the participants’ pain and steps taken to complete Turn-180. The participants’ hip flexibility and the level of activity were also significantly and inversely correlated with the performance of Turn-180.
Conclusion: The dynamic balance of the sampled elderly patients was considerably influenced by pain, hip flexibility and level of activity, thereby putting premium on the assessment of the variables during  musculoskeletal rehabilitation of elderly patients.

Keywords: Pain, Hip flexibility, Activity level, Turn-180, Dynamic balance


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print ISSN: 0016-9560