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Ameloblastomatous change in radicular cyst of the jaw in a Nigerian population

FO Omoregie
MA Sede
AM Ojo


Objective: To determine the incidence, age, gender, jaw-sites and subtypes of radicular cyst, and to determine the incidence of ameloblastomatous change in radicular cyst in a Nigerian population.
Method: A 10-year retrospective analysis of all diagnosed orofacial lesions in the Department of Oral Pathology and Medicine, University of Benin Teaching Hospital, Benin City, Nigeria.
Results: From the 785 diagnosed orofacial lesions within the study period; there were 54 (6.9%) cases of radicular cysts of the jaws. The peak age group was the 3rd decade (n=23, 42.6%) with a mean age of 31+ 1.7 years. There were 29 (53.7%) males and 25 (46.3%) females, giving a ratio of 1.2:1. The mandible was the commonest jaw-site (n=32, 59.3%). There were 12 (22.2%) cases of periapical cyst which were significantly associated with anterior maxillary site (n=8, 14.8%) [p=0.001]. Seven (13.0%) cases of cystic ameloblastoma were diagnosed among the radicular cysts, with a predilection of the lesions for 3rd and 4th decades of life (n=6, 11.1%), and posterior mandible (n=5, 9.3%).
Conclusion: This study showed a low incidence of radicular cyst of the jaw among orofacial lesions and a relatively higher incidence of ameloblastomatous change in radicular cyst compared to previous reports. Immuno-histochemical examination is recommended to differentiate radicular cyst with ameloblastomatous like change from cystic ameloblastoma arising from radicular cyst.

Keywords: Radicular cyst, Inflammation, Ameloblastomatous change, Immunohistochemistry, Jaw lesion