Irrational use of antibiotics and the risk of diabetes in Ghana

  • Kwesi B. Mensah
  • Charles Ansah
Keywords: Antibiotics, resistance, “thrifty gene”, diabetes, Ghana


Epidemiological studies show clearly that Caesarean birth, perinatal or neonatal irrational antibiotic use is strongly associated with increased risk of obesity and diabetes in later life. Irrational use of antibiotics is a great global public health concern especially in developing economies like Ghana due to poor regulation on medicines. Unfortunately, this concern has been reduced to the fear of development of resistant organisms and the destruction of the world’s limited range of antibiotics therapy at the expense of other insidious risks including the development of metabolic and atopic diseases. These risks however appear to have greater implications on public health systems of developing economies. Here, we review the ignored role of antibiotics in the global obesity pandemic and project the risk that it poses to the health system of a developing economy like Ghana.

Funding: Department of Pharmacology, College of Health Sciences, Kwame Nkrumah university of Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana

Keywords: Antibiotics, resistance, “thrifty gene”, diabetes, Ghana


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print ISSN: 0016-9560