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Pseudotumour presentation of pulmonary tuberculosis

Jane S. Afriyie-Mensah
Felix R. Awindaogo
Samuel Kofi Asomani


Pulmonary tuberculosis manifesting as a mass lesion, thus, mimicking a lung carcinoma is an unusual radiographic presentation of tuberculosis (TB). The common radiologic patterns and clinical presentations are well known and documented. We report two cases of pulmonary tuberculosis with a neoplastic appearance on chest imaging diagnosed histologically. A 21 – year old female with cough, weight loss, anorexia and an unremarkable physical examination. Chest radiography showed a right apical mass suggestive of lung cancer. Histology of the lesion revealed parenchymal pulmonary tuberculosis. A 49–year old male with left-sided chest pain, cough, anorexia, weight loss, mild pallor with an unremarkable chest examination. Chest imaging showed a left apical mass and mediastinal lymphadenopathy. Microscopic examination of the mass confirmed pulmonary tuberculosis. Pseudotumour pulmonary tuberculosis is a rare clinical entity that can lead to diagnostic challenges and must be considered in the differential diagnosis when mass lesions are seen on chest imaging, especially in TB endemic areas.
Keywords: tuberculosis, pulmonary, carcinoma, atypical, diagnostic
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