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Knowledge and attitude of undergraduates towards blood donation: A cross sectional study of the University of Benin, Benin City

Ayinbuomwan Ekiye, Nwogoh Benedict


Background: Blood is an essential but scarce therapeutic element. The  youth constitute an important age group that can contribute significantly to donor blood availability in health institutions. Their knowledge and attitude towards blood donation may influence their disposition to blood donation
Objective: The study seeks to determine the knowledge, attitude and blood donation practices among undergraduate students of the University of Benin.
Methodolgy: This is a cross sectional study, conducted at the University of Benin, Benin City. Two hundred pretested questionnaires on knowledge, attitude and practice of blood donation were distributed among consenting undergraduate students across different faculties of the university. Data was
analyzed with the statistical package for social science (SPSS IBM) version 20.
Result: A total of 155 (79.5%) males and 40 (20.5%) females (M:F of approximately 3.8:1) completed the questionnaires. Their modal age group was 16 – 20 years. Sixty eight (34.9%) had good knowledge of blood donation process, 43 (22.1%) had average knowledge and 84 (43.0%) had poor knowledge. Repeat donation rate was 11.3% among the respondent. The practice of blood donation was significantly associated with good knowledge of blood donation process (p = 0.001). Blood donation was higher in those between the age groups of 21 – 25 years.
Conclusion: Good knowledge of blood transfusion is below average. Blood donation practices is low among undergraduate students of the University of Benin and there is high disposition to family replacement donation.

Keywords: Knowledge, attitude, practice, blood donation, University of Benin

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