Effect of Guava Leaf Extract on Reproductive Hormone Profile in male Wistar rats

  • Sunday A. Ogli
  • Comfort T. Ese
  • Emmanuel I. Agaba


Background: Guava plant is a common tropical plant with a long history of traditional usage for a variety of health care needs, including  reproductive/fertility need. It is particularly believed to improve erection, treat impotency and sexual dysfunctions in males. This study aims to  examine the effect of aqueous guava leaf extract on male reproductive hormone profile in Wistar rats.

Methodology: Fifteen male Wistar rats were randomized into 3 experimental groups of 5 rats each and were administered water, 250mg/kg body  weight and 500mg/kg body weight of oral guava leaf extract respectively for 21 days. The rats were weighed before and at the end of treatments.  Blood samples were obtained for ELISA based hormonal analysis.

Results: The aqueous leave extract of Psidium guajava significantly ((p<0.05)  increased serum FSH concentrations (122.50+10.40μ/ml and 135.50+5.44μ/ml) at dose dependent manner relative to the control value of  107.50+6.45μ/ml. Similarly, serum testosterone concentration showed significant increases at 2.93+0.07ng/ml and 4.71+0.27ng/ml in response to  treatment doses of 250mg/kg and 500mg/kg body weights respectively to the control value 0.96+0.02 ng/ml.

Conclusion: The administration of  varied doses of the guava leaf extracts caused a graded increase in the studied parameters of FSH, LH and testosterone (especially for testosterone  and FSH), implying that Guava leaf extract has a stimulatory effect on the male reproductive hormones and potentially boosting male fertility. 


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1596-2407