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Abo And Rhesus Blood Groups Distribution In Mothers And Neonates In A Nigerian Population

SO Odeh, JO Ibu


Objective: To provide information in the distribution of ABO and Rhesus Blood Group in our population.

Study Population/Methods: One hundred and twenty one antenatal mothers who were sequentially booked in antenatal care clinic of University of Jos Health Clinic, Jos, Plateau State after their informed consent. Cord blood was obtained from the babies of these mothers at birth. ABO and Rhesus blood groups were determined by Dacie and Lewis Methods.

Result: Blood group O is the most common blood group representing 74% and 75% in mothers and their babies respectively. The distribution of group B is 13% in mothers and 12% in their babies. The distribution of A and AB groups among mothers and their babies is 10% and 3% respectively. There is a 100% Rhesus positivity in both mothers and neonates.

Conclusion: The Rhesus negativity is very rare. There should still be need to test intending to marry couples before they start having children.
Key words: Maternal, Umbilical Cord Blood, ABO & Rhesus blood groups.
Highland Medical Research Journal Vol.1(1) 2002: 11-12
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