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Hypertension In Type II Diabetes Mellitus In Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria

IE Agaba, EA Anteyi, FH Puepet, PA Omudu, JA Idoko


Objectives: We assessed 85 patients with type II diabetes mellitus to determine the proportion of hypertension in accordance with WHO criteria. Other clinical parameters such as fundoscopic examination and urinalysis were carried out.

Methods: A cross-sectional study of hypertension in type II diabetic patients in Jos University Teaching Hospital, Jos, Nigeria

Results: Forty-two of the patients were hypertensive with only 28 (32.9%) previously diagnosed and were on treatment. Age of patient, duration of diabetes and diabetic retinopathy were significantly associated with hypertension in diabetes.

Conclusion: Hypertension is commoner in diabetes in sub-saharan Africa that it was previously believed. The finding of hypertension should arouse the possibility of the presence of microangiopathic complications in type II diabetes.
Highland Medical Research Journal Vol.1(2) 2002: 22-24
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