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Splenic rupture masquerading ruptured ectopic pregnancy

JH Kigbu, IC Pam, CC Ekwempu, PD Swem


Ectopic pregnancy has been described as a ‘great masquerader'. It mimics virtually every condition that causes acute abdomen in women of reproductive age group. The classical triad of presentation of delayed menses, irregular vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain may not be encountered at all! Overwhelming features of abdominal pain, amenorrhea, pallor, abdominal tenderness, shifting dullness with positive pregnancy test gave a clinical diagnosis of ruptured ectopic pregnancy. At laparotomy, an intrauterine gestation with normal tubes and ovaries with complete splenic rupture were found. She had total splenectomy.

Highland Medical Research Journal Vol. 4(1) 2006: 119-122

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