Factors impacting on contraceptive practices: Introduction and literature review: Part 1

  • T M Maja
Keywords: unintended pregnancy, unwanted pregnancy, contraceptives, reproductive ages, contraception


Contraceptive practices entail a wide spectrum of concepts, namely, contraceptive methods, the use of contraceptives, the discontinuation of such use, and the non-use of contraceptives or failure to use them. The use of contraceptives and contraceptive services is influenced by a number of factors that either motivate or demotivate women to use contraceptives effectively. The aim of this literature review is to identify and describe factors impacting on the contraceptive practices of women. The discussion includes factors impacting positively or negatively on contraceptive practices in terms of age-related issues, education and status, religion, socio-cultural beliefs, values and norms, knowledge about contraceptives, contraceptive providers and the accessibility of contraceptive services.

Keywords: unintended pregnancy; unwanted pregnancy; contraceptives; reproductive ages; contraception

Health SA Gesondheid Vol. 12 (1) 2007: pp. 30-38

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eISSN: 2071-9736
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