Sacramental view of creation: Denis Edwards on God’s presence in natural world

Keywords: divine action; sacraments; theology of nature; Thomism; ecotheology.


This review article summarises and engages critically with two books published by ATF Press in 2017 and 2020. One of them is Denis Edwards’s book that reflects his theological approach to nature, divine action and environmental ethics. The second book is a series of papers inspired by his theological approach. The great merit consists of establishing a fresh meaning of nature from the theological perspective. The article gathers three main themes present in the book: the meaning of nature, the inclusive character of the theology of nature and the relationship between God and nature from the Trinitarian perspective.

Contribution: The purpose of this article is to demonstrate the recent development of the theology of nature and the share Denis Edwards had in it. The theology of nature needs to be ‘extended’ in order not just to include the relationship between the human and God, but the goal of the entire creation, and to point to the theological reasons for such an approach.


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eISSN: 2072-8050
print ISSN: 0259-9422