Samehang van verhoudingswoorde as middelpunt van verhoudingsherstel in die boek Hosea – ‘n Sosioretoriese studie

  • JCF Harris


Contiguity of relationship words as focal point for the restoration of relations in the book of Hosea ¡V a socio-rhetorical study
This article refl ects on the various nuances in meaning of the relationship terminology used in Hosea. These words are used in combination with one another, although used differently in different contexts. The different combinations create associations with new socioliterary meanings.
This culminates in three central, interrelated notions, namely ƒÒƒØƒw (¡¥love as life orientation¡¦), ƒvƒÔƒé (¡¥acknowledgement of the care of Yahweh¡¦) and ƒéƒÞƒàƒÜ ƒØƒéƒØ (¡¥to live before Yahweh¡¦). The
collective intention of these words is fi nally described as one of covenant harmony.

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eISSN: 2072-8050
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