Impact of Woodfuel Production on The Livelihood of the People in Bagamoyo District, Tanzania

  • EP Mhache
Keywords: Forests, Livelihoods, Wood-fuel, Saleni and Pongwe-Msungura


The study examined the impact of woodfuel production on the livelihoods of people in Saleni and Pongwe-Msungura villages in Bagamoyo district. Information used in this article was collected through documentary review, administering questionnaires, focus group discussions, interviewing key informants and direct field observations. Seventy six heads of the household were interviewed. The questions at the centre of this article are: who profits from commercial forests and how? Benefits from firewood and charcoal are derived through direct control over forest access, as well as through access to markets. The findings revealed that, woodfuel contributed to the livelihoods of the people living in rural and urban areas. Introduction of efficient kilns which make more charcoal than the conventional one, the use of efficient cooking stoves and alternative energy sources such as solar power and gas would reduce dependence on forests for woodfuel. It is recommended that, villagers and other stakeholders be encouraged and given incentives to plant fast growing  trees for firewood and charcoal making. Census should be done frequently to know the number of charcoal makers, train and give them support in order to stop charcoal making and engage in alternative income generating activities. Involvement of the community in searching for alternative energy sources and alternative income generating activities is of paramount importance.

Keywords: Forests, Livelihoods, Wood-fuel, Saleni and Pongwe-Msungura


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eISSN: 0856-6739