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Perceived Influence of Non-Formal Educational Programmes on Basic Academic Attainment of Teenage Mothers in Enugu State Nigeria

EM Igbo
RO Igbo
JC Ayaogu


The study examined perceived influence of non-formal education programmes on the basic academic attainment of teenage mothers in Enugu state Nigeria. The total population for the study was 8,143 teenage mothers from which a study sample of 814 was raised. Four research questions were raised and four hypotheses were tested. Twenty-three items were used to elicit information from the teenage mothers. A four point scale was used to rate the responses. The research questions were answered using mean statistic(x), while ttest analysis was done to test the hypotheses at .05 significant levels. The findings showed that teenage mothers in Enugu state perceived a low influence of radio lessons on their ability to participate in practical subjects, cover subject topics and sit mainstream examinations. They however, perceived high influence of correspondence courses and evening lessons on their ability to study school subjects and sit mainstream examinations. Recommendations were made, which include the adoption of modern technology in the facilitation of learning for this group of learners especially one that guarantees personal relationship between the trainer(s) and trainees(s).

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eISSN: 0856-6739