The Role of Open and Distance Learning in Promoting Professional Training and Development in Tanzania. A Case Study of The Open University Tanzania

  • AA Mohamed
  • MAM Victor


This paper unveils the unique role played by ODL in promoting professional training and development in Tanzania. ODL is significantly increasing in its importance in most societies if not all; this is justified by the increasing in enrolment in ODL institutions. In order to cope with the demanding world, individuals need to properly utilize their time. Hence, they opt for ODL institution as a medium of knowledge transmission, since they can benefit from the flexibility that it offers. In the course of this study, the researchers have adopted a qualitative research approach. Where, the main case study institution being The Open University of Tanzania. Respondents from this study have been carefully sampled through a non probabilistic sample size, and these respondents were OUT students only (current and previous). Among all constraints, ICT remains a common barrier among most ODL students in Tanzania, as all the respondents in the study indicated so.

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eISSN: 0856-6739