Determinants of the Use of Cell phones in Access to Beef Cattle Market Information for Smallholders in Mpwapwa District, Tanzania

  • NS Urassa
  • ZSK Mvena


Cell phone is said to be an innovative communication device which allows consumers, traders and farmers to search market appropriate information for timely decision-making to save time and travelling costs. However, determinants of using this technology in beef cattle market information seeking for smallholders in Tanzania - particularly in Mpwapwa District, are not well established. Thus, this study analysed the determinants of the use of cellphones in accessing beef cattle market information in Mpwapwa District. Data were collected from 120 respondents using a structured questionnaire and focus group discussion guide. The questionnaire-based data were analysed using the
Statistical Package for Social Sciences in which the main analytical model was binary logistic regression. In the model, the dependent variable was access to beef cattle market information via cell phones with two options; did not access (0) and accessed (1). Research findings revealed that the nature of using cell phones in access to beef cattle market information was mostly determined by distance from home to the nearest cattle market; the variety of information demands; income earned per year; level of local network coverage and access to mobile financial services (M-Pesa). On the basis of these findings it is concluded that the smallholder beef cattle producers can use cell phone technology in market information sharing to enhance their marketing participation. Therefore, the study recommends that cell phones service providers should extend their services more in the rural areas of Mpwapwa District.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 0856-6739