Secondary School Teachers’ Knowledge Level of the Concepts of Environmental Education in Morogoro, Tanzania

  • E Kira
  • E Kafanabo


The main focus of the study was to determine the knowledge level of the certificate of secondary education geography teachers when teaching the concepts of meteorology, environmental education and climate change. The study involved observing and interviewing 24 classroom teachers who were randomly selected from both rural and urban Morogoro. Teachers could demonstrate ability to present the causes, extent and effects of pollution and wastes including most of the concepts of the elements of weather and the use of power. But there was a disparity between the intended curriculum and the implemented one because of the observed teachers’ misconceptions, inability to link various environmental concepts or to contextualize examples and questions they ask. Therefore there should be well planned environmental education for both pre-service and in-service teachers specifically synchronized with the secondary school curriculum. This should go together with more comprehensive geography syllabus and teachers guide.