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Socio-economic Consequences of Road Traffic Accidents to the Victims and their Families in Dar es Salaam Tanzania

M. Makuu


This paper examined socio-economic consequences of road traffic accidents to the wellbeing of people in the study area. Semi-structured interviews, focus group discussion and personal observation were employed during the process. Data were supplemented by secondary information from various sources. Descriptive statistics was used to report quantitative findings and coding was used to summarize, synthesize and sort observations made of the qualitative data. The overall results indicate that police and hospital data in Tanzania is incomplete which does not allow distinguishing between degree of injury, spot areas, and social economic status of victims. Victims of road traffic accidents and their families according to findings suffer socially, psychologically and economically. Some of the victims revealed that they were neglected by relatives/spouse due to disabilities and long treatment. The study found out that treatment for road injuries was very expensive and this leads some families into miserable life. On the basis of these findings, three recommendations emerge. First, efforts should be made by stakeholders to develop a data set for a proper system of recording. Second, stakeholders should develop and implement a policy for enhancing livelihoods and wellbeing of road traffic accident victims and their families. Third, preventive interventions to combat road traffic accidents should be developed by the national and international partners.

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