A Rule-based Approach for Resolving Cybercrime in Financial Institutions: The Tanzania case

  • George S. Oreku
Keywords: Cybercrime; model; legislation; cyber-attacks; security


It is widely accepted that technology is an agent of change in the society. However, the current rate of change in technology, particularly ICT, mobile and ATM machines, leaves room for it to be exploited and be used for things it was not meant for. The paper aims at examining the challenges to electronic banking and initiatives taken to address cyber-crimes among financial institutions in Tanzania. Using the data gathered based on employed comparative analysis methods from our studies and research undertaken by researchers, we examine in detail, technical factors that are continually shaping the landscape of cybercrime and its impact on financial Institutions. Picking a leaf on how to deal with challenges brought by information and communication technology-induced innovations in the banking sector a Platform for Organization Security Threat Analytic and Management (POSTAM) approach to address the cyber security problems in Tanzania was re-introduced. The data model approach was used to analyze collected data stored from the survey to test the security prototype developed.

Author Biography

George S. Oreku

The Open University of Tanzania


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eISSN: 0856-6739