Integrated Library System (ILS): An Option for Library and Information Management — A Review of Koha Ils at Babcock University Library, Nigeria

  • SU Omeluzor
  • IA Bamidele
  • S Ogbuiyi
  • CC Ukangwa
Keywords: Koha, integrated, library, system, management, Online, Public, Access, Catalogues, Babcock, University


The purpose of this paper is to review the capability of integrated library system as an option for managing library information resources using Koha ILS used at Babcock University as a case study. The paper is a review of the functions and performance of Koha ILS. It also includes personal experiences of librarians and the technical staff at Babcock University Library. The review exposes the potency of ILS in library management. It portrays Koha as a constant system in managing library operations and services. This was evident as the system has engendered adequate and quality services to library users at Babcock University without hitches. The review only focused on Koha ILS implemented at Babcock University. It revealed the benefits and strengths of ILS to library performance. This review is important hence it will encourage libraries to implement feasible systems to improve their services to the library users. Koha ILS has revolutionalized library operations and services at Babcock University Library for the past three years. The implementation has drawn the attention of libraries in need of implementing ILS at their libraries to understudy the system. It has therefore given those libraries the opportunity to learn and implement same. Koha ILS is appealing to library  users of this generation, because it is user friendly with inbuilt social networking features compatible with other electronic information systems. It is expected that the experiences shared in this work will motivate other libraries to implement a viable ILS like Koha for effective service delivery to the library users.

Key Words: Koha, integrated, library, system, management, Online, Public, Access, Catalogues, Babcock, University.


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eISSN: 2805-3478
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