An Implementation of a Database System for Book Loan in an Academic Library (A Case Study of the Polytechnic, Ibadan Library)

  • MM Sanni
  • JM Amuda
Keywords: Database, Book, loan, Academic, Library System, File


Information retrieval system is stored in the form of relations in a database. The mechanism keeps the whole collections together and maintains the relationship between the resources and associated texts. It provides a way to gather together all relevant information and to store and maintain that information in a central place. The Polytechnic Ibadan Library is a repository center for all the information on functions and activities of the institution. This study examined the design and implementation of database on Book Loan Systems in an academic Library using The Polytechnic Ibadan Library as a case study. The system was developed using relational database architecture with storage medium being Microsoft Access while the Visual Basic is used to query the database. The creation of tables and the insertion of data into the tables must be specified through a menu system to make it more user-friendly and acceptable. The menu for table creation and maintenance of collection of related data has been designed in such a way that all information required for table generation will be received from the user and they will be stored in an appropriate data dictionary. The user (using the input statement) will specify the deletion, updating and query operations. Reports can be generated using report generator incorporated into the system.

Key Words: Database, Book, loan, Academic, Library System, File


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eISSN: 1597-4316