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The influence of information and communications technology (ICT) on information services delivery in academic libraries in Imo State, in Nigeria.

CL Nwakwuo, OP Nwakwuo


This survey sought to find out the influence of ICT in six academic libraries in Imo State of Nigeria. A 10 point questionnaire instrument was used to elicit data from 107 respondents. Data obtained were analyzed using SPSS software to run simple percentages. The analysis revealed that the application of information and communications technology (ICT) in library and information services (LIS) has not been give n the right of place in the academic libraries in Imo State except in Federal University of Technology Owerri, where the use of ICT was visible to an extent. The “digital divide” between the developed and developing countries as well as paucity of funds, poor physical and telecommunications infrastructure, poor institutional and sometimes government policy, lack of skill etc.) were identified as challenges confronting effective application of ICT in LIS in Nigeria. The study however found that improved patr onage of the libraries by users, users satisfaction, speed and unlimited access to information sources etc were the power and influence of (ICT) in LIS provision. Regular sponsorship of library staff on ICT application, increased application of ICT in libr arianship education, improved collaboration among stake holders in academic libraries funding etc. were advocated as way forward towards effective ICT application in academic libraries in Nigeria to enable them enjoy the numerous benefits of ICT.

Key Words: Application, ICT, Academic, library, Computers, Services, Professionals,

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