Status of ICT-enabled library and information services in university of Nigeria, Nsukka library system

  • FC Ekere
  • CI Ugwu
  • JN Ekere
Keywords: Information, Communication, Technology, Library, University, Services.


This paper aim ed at ascertaining the status of the ICT -enabled library and information services in University of Nigeria, Nsukka Library System. The study employed a case study design. Questionnaire was the main instrument for data collection and it was used to gather data from fifteen (15) library officers and Fifty (50) librarians who constituted the population of the study. Five specific objectives derived from the purpose guided this study. Data collected were analyzed using mean ( X ), Standard Deviation (SD) and t - test statistic used to determine the significance of the responses of the library officers and librarians at 0.05 probability level. The study found that some conventional library and information services such as library catalogue, table of contents, document delivery, interacting with users and user education were ICT -enabled or driven. New services found to be rendered efficiently with ICT include providing access to e -journals, e -books and to internet and internet services. The critical constraints to ICT -enabled LIS include poor funding, inadequate ICT infrastructure and inadequate ICT staff. To address these problems, it was suggested that there should be budget provision for digital library projects and series and that private sector investment should be promoted in university libraries. Based on these findings, some recommendations were made. The library, especially a university library, as platform for innovation and creativity requires proper understanding of the status of services, project implementation and ICT applications including services that are ICT -driven. This understanding will not only improve library and information
services but also pr ovide opportunities for innovative services. This paper provides a framework for understanding the status of library and information services due to developments in ICT in university libraries. The framework depends on the conventional LIS at the University of Nigeria, Nsukka Library System.

Key Words: Information, Communication, Technology, Library, University, Services.


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