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Software approach to minimizing problems of student-lecturer interaction in higher institutions of learning

Ahmed Baita Garko, Anas Shehu


In higher institutions of learning the level of interaction between students and their Lecturers is very stubby due to the nature of the work. Besides the teaching activity the lecturers are also engage in research and other administrative tasks. However, the lecturers can take visiting appointment in other institutions. In most circumstances the students can only meet their lecturers on scheduled time. This paper proposed a software approach in solving the problems of Students-Lecturer Interaction in Higher institutions of learning. The Software was developed using PHP and hosted in the University web server, and the interaction between students and their lecturers was compared using both the traditional approaches and the Software approach. The research was conducted on 3 four hundred level computer science courses at the Northwest University, Kano for a Semester and the results show that there is respective increase of 52%, 48% and 39% in the level of interaction as compared to traditional approaches.

Keywords: Software, Lecturer, Student, Interaction, Institution

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