Gender differences and job stress management techniques of library staff of polytechnics in Nigeria

  • Gladys N. Onyia
Keywords: Gender, Job, Stress, Management, technique, Staff, Polytechnics


This study aimed at ascertaining gender and work related stress among library staff of polytechnics in South-South Nigeria in order to spotlight the management techniques of work related stress by gender. The study employed a descriptive survey method. The instrument employed for data collection was the questionnaire. The data obtained from the questionnaire were analyzed using percentage count and mean(x) for the research questions and z-test at 0.5 level of significance for the formulated hypothesis. The population of the study consisted of a focus group made up of 148 male and female library staff. The study revealed that more females than male polytechnic library staff indicated non-conducive work environment as the cause of job stress. There were significant gender differences in the management of job stress as expressed by both gender. The male Library workers employed the techniques of clarity of ambiguous roles expectation, cultivation of positive attitude to work and training and retraining to manage work stress. Female workers employed techniques such as job sharing, discussion with friends, flexible work hours and developing healthy life styles as management tips. The study recommended that the Polytechnic authorities and library management should provide enabling work environment in the libraries and reduce staff work load in order to minimize the incidences of job stress to the barest minimum among others.

Keywords: Gender, Job, Stress, Management, technique, Staff, Polytechnics


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