Web-based Framework for information retrival systems in hospital management

  • Agozie Eneh
  • Ndueso E. Ekefre
  • Uchechukwu Christian Arinze
Keywords: Data, structures, Information, retrieval, Hospital, Mana


This paper implemented a web-based medical records management information system using dynamic, robust data structures like trees queues. The need to have easy and timely access to medical records motivated this research. Medical records are vital data sources that are required for the treatment, diagnosis and management of patients in our hospitals. However, the ease and speed of accessing this important information presents a huge challenge due to poor implementation of computing technology in medical information systems. To address this critical problem in our medical sector, a robust, dynamic and user-friendly web-based application system is proposed. A three-tier web application architecture using object-oriented software development methodology and tree data structures was used for the implementation of the information system so as to address the problem of accessing patients‟ medical records in a timely and secure manner. Results from our implementation showed that the application reduced the waiting time of patients‟ and improved efficiency of the health care service providers.

Keywords: Data, structures, Information, retrieval, Hospital, Mana


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-4316