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Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) a sine qua-non for improved services in public library in Nigeria: challenges and prospects

Ifeyinwa Blessing Okoye, Francisca C. Mbagwu, Anne Edem, Gertrude Chinwendu Umunnakwe


This paper looked into the sustainable development goals (SDGs) as sine qua-non for improved services in public library in Nigeria: challenges and prospects. Questionnaire was used for the data collection. Out of ninety (90) copies of questionnaire distributed to all the library staff at Imo State Public Library , seventy-two (72) were used for the study and eight (8) copies were discarded for various reasons. Frequency and percentages were used to analyse research question one while mean and standard deviation were used to analyze other research questions. Regression was also used to test the null hypothesis formulated at 0.05 levels significant. The result depicted a very strong relationship between strategies utilized and the challenges faced by the library as it shows 86.1% level of coefficient between the duo. Based on this, it therefore rejects the null hypothesis which states that challenges faced by the library does not significantly affect the strategies utilized in the library to achieve SDG. Again from the result it was discovered that 90% of the staff said that they have heard of SDG before but only 7 (10%) said that it has been achieved in their libraries. This  study therefore revealed the following as the reasons for non attainment of SDGs: lack of government support, lack of capacity building for staff, inadequate internet connectivity, lack of awareness on the services of the public library etc. Whereas the creation of massive campaign at various places in the town, full government support, provision of adequate funds and acquisition of all the necessary facilities with full internet connectivity have been identified as solutions for the actualization of the SDGs.

Keywords: Development, Goals, Challenges, Prospects, Public, Library, Services

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