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Architecture for diagnosis and rectification of yarn faults

Melquiades Jr. Rigor Hayag, Dawit Teklu Weldeslasie


The aim of this research is to specify an architecture implementation for diagnosis and rectification of yarn faults. According to the architecture, the prototype was developed using SWI-Prolog and Visual Geez tools. Knowledge of yarn faults at the prototype system is coded by means of production rules. In addition, localization has been incorporated into the architecture as well as the prototype of the system to match the company‟s language requirements. They conclude that the architectural implementation for yarn fault diagnosis and rectification is a useful technology and the results of this study could be applied for the development of full-fledged expert system. Therefore, the introduction of local expert system architecture into textile and garment industries is a promising approach.

Keywords: Diagnosis, Rectification, Yarn, Faults, Textle, Garment, Industry, Expert, System

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