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A web based android mobile framework for mining health care data using Apriori algorithm

Melquiades Jr. Rigor Hayag, Frehiwot Gebrekrstos Girmay


This paper presented a web based android mobile framework to monitor child health information using Android phones with the presence of at least 3G internet connection and Chrome browser. A design science research methodology for IS researches (DSRM) was used to develop the framework where the prototype of an Immunization program monitoring (IPM) is developed from the defined IPM architecture. An Apriori algorithm is used to extract pattern and association among vaccine usage from the stored IPM database based on vaccine type and vaccination session attributes. Thus, it generated necessary knowledge by extracting pattern and association among vaccines using vaccine type and vaccination session attributes from the stored data that can help the healthcare service in administrative decision making and cost savings

Keywords: Web, Android, Mobile, Mining, Health, Data, Apriori, Algorithm

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