Redefining proximity framework in non specialized open markets using buyers location coordinates for nearest seller identification: An immediate open market response to covid 19 realities

  • A.O. Enikuomehin
  • Olubunmi C. Akerele
  • H.Y. Raji-Lawal
  • Beauty Caroline Igbasan
Keywords: Open, Market, Buyer, Seller, Proximity Framework, COVID 19.


Over the years, specialized open market approach has remained unstructured along many lines and this has affected the intervention of technical advancement in the buyer-seller relationship. The consequence of this includes the inability of online markets moderators and e commerce system
developers to incorporate these markets as many ecommerce platforms use predetermined structured frameworks. In this paper, the researchers presented a Unified Modeling Framework as an implementable approach to restructure the non specialized open markets using proximity based techniques. The approach was implemented as a web service and user’s feedback suggested high level of satisfaction in the defined approach. 45 users were engaged in the trials and our results revealed that the approach motivated both buyers and sellers to adopt the use of mobile  ecommerce platforms as an alternative market. Awareness, product safety and originality are some challenges to which both buyers and sellers raised as areas of concern. Many considered this approach a necessity considering the several restrictions that will emerge post COIVID19.

Key Words: Open, Market, Buyer, Seller, Proximity Framework, COVID 19.


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eISSN: 1597-4316