Assessment of awareness and utilization of electronic information resources by lecturers of Faculty of Science University Of Maiduguri, Nigeria

  • Habiba Abdullahi
Keywords: electronic, information, resources, awareness, Utilization.


The study investigated the awareness and utilization of e-resources by Lecturers of the faculty of science, University of Maiduguri and possible challenges that may be associated with the use of the resources. The population for the study is the entire lecturers in the faculty. Questionnaire was used as instrument for collecting data. Simple descriptive statistics was used to analyze the data collected. The results of the study revealed that the faculty members were aware of the available e-resources in the library but majority of them are not making use of them. Among the reasons for using the eresources are: mainly for research and keeping up-to-date. Only 13(24.6 %) of them indicated using the e-resources for teaching purposes. The major challenges faced while using the e-resources were poor internet connectivity, low internet speed. The conclusion made was that the population of the study is aware of the available e-resources but not making adequate use of them. It is therefore recommended that: awareness on how to access the e-resources should be created among the faculty members for increased utilization and awareness of the other resources that are least aware by the respondents. On the other hand, effort should be made by the library management towards improving internet connectivity and internet speed.

Key Words: electronic, information, resources, awareness, Utilization.


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