The need for library and information services for the grassroots and vulnerable

  • Ngozi Azubogu
  • Okee Okoro
  • Comfort Madu


Library and Information Services for the Grassroots and Vulnerable is an aspect of the objectives of the public library which have been denied attention in the actualization of its set objectives. It is eminent that these low-lives, down-trodden, mistreated, un-served is given a chance to have access to information regarding their needs, which might vary from health, agriculture, craft, religion, educational and social needs. Without contradiction the level of library and information delivery to these persons is not encouraging, and as such the need to improve on the best way to reach out to them becomes imperative. Majority of these group of individuals are uneducated and that does not rule out the fact that they have need for information services. The public library have been seen and known with its ethics and ethos of serving the “un-served and forgotten” and making library and information services available to everyone. In the early days of the inception of public library in Nigeria, they were charged with the responsibility of providing information needs for the development of people in the grass root through their mobile library services and advocacy program. The fundamental aim of public libraries is to provide timely, accurate, pertinent and reliable information to all people irrespective of class or race. Public libraries are devoted to improve access to information and satisfying their user needs. It is worth to know that the people in the grass root and vulnerable are not exempted. There is a growing recognition that library services, particularly public libraries are an integral part of national socio-economic development and improvement of the general quality of life of the populace. However, there has been poor satisfaction of information services to the needs of people in the grass root and vulnerable which could be tied to inadequate funding, staffing and inadequate information resources. It is on this premise that this paper advocates the need for innovative library services, evaluation and monitoring of library services as much as the challenges faced in the provision of library services, Recommendations on how best to tackle the provision of library services to the grassroots and the vulnerable are proffered. 


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