Information Technologist (The)

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Internet Adoption Among Lecturers In Ghana\'s premier University, Expectations and Realities

Robert E Hinson, Gifty Adika, Seth Buatsi


The study investigated the use of the Internet amongst the academic staff of the University of Ghana. The survey technique was adopted for this study since a large number of people was involved in the study. Results showed that academic staff make use of educational databases, and the performance of searches in locating information. They also make use of electronic mail, the World Wide Web, companion lecturing websites, and professional article databases in conducting research and teaching. Electronic mail is the most commonly used tool in research whilst educational databases are the most commonly used tools in teaching. Recommendations for making the resource more available included providing broadband Internet access and the government promoting private sector investment.

Article Type: Case Study
Key words: Internet, University, Ghana, Lecturer
The Information Technologist Vol.2(1) 2005: 1-14
AJOL African Journals Online