Perceptions of Internet Usefulness amongst Non-Traditional Exporters in Ghana

  • Robert Ebo Hinson Lecturer, Marketing Department, University of Ghana Business School, Legon, Ghana
Keywords: Internet, Ghana, Non-traditional exporters, Use


The study examined perceptions of Internet usefulness amongst Ghanaian Non-traditional Exporters with the view to understanding usage patterns from perspectives such as levels of internationalization and direction of trade. The results showed that, Ghanaian NTEs with the highest internationalisation (80% - 99%) reckoned the most that the Internet was definitely useful in their exporting activities. NTE businesses, which were over 10 years old, were the most certain about the fact that the Internet plays a key role in their exporting business. In terms of South-South relations, it was amazing to note that NTEs who had exporting relations in the West African sub-region believed the most that, Internet use helped them in their export business. Wholly owned local exporting firms believed the most that, the Internet was key to their exporting more. Majority of NTEs (70%) strongly disagreed with the notion that the Internet is only for technical people, and this is encouraging to the extent that knowledge about the technology and the use of its applications can be more easily diffused amongst Ghanaian NTEs.
Key words: Internet, Ghana, Non-traditional exporters, Use
The Information Technologist Vol.2(1) 2005:40-53

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