Data Security Using Cryptographic Approach

  • RC Okoro
  • MU Onuu
  • UE Asuquo


The need for data security in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can not be overemphasized. In this paper, the use of symmetric and asymmetric key cryptographies to clearly achieve the required protection by means of prime number system and modular multiplicative inverse has been highlighted and elucidated. In this arrangement the algorithm for encryption is C= Me mod n, where C is the integer value for the cipher text, M is the integer value for the plain text, n the product of two prime numbers p and q and e is a number that is co-prime to (p-1) *(q- 1). For the decryption algorithm, M = Cd mod n with C, M and n retaining their meanings, d is a
number that is modular multiplicative inverse of e. The primality test considered Fermat and Trivial tests.

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-4316