Health workers' ICT literacy in a Nigerian University Teaching Hospital

  • S Adeyoyin
  • A Imam
  • Y Oladapo
Keywords: Health, ICT, literacy, Nigeria, University, Hospital


This study investigated the ICT literacy among the health workers of Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital. The emergence of Internet for Telemedicine and health information revolution necessitates that issue of computer and other communication technology literacy among the health workers of Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital be investigated in order to appraise the situation and offer suggestions and recommendations where necessary. A survey method was adopted to elicit information from the respondents for this study. A questionnaire was designed with 26 structured questions including the biography of the respondent. Two hundred (200) copies of the questionnaires were distributed among the staff of Igbinedion University Teaching Hospital and one hundred and eighty eight (188) were returned. The avalanche of health information on the ICT media and the ability of health workers to access them for professional and personal use necessitated the study. Analysis of data was carried out by using simple average and percentage calculations. Among other things, the study revealed that greater number of respondents, 140 which represents 74.5% of the sampled population are aware of the use of ICT equipment in health institutions. Media and friends are the major sources of awareness to the respondents. This study also revealed that 124 respondents, which represents 66% of the sample were aware of telemedicine but unfortunately 144 representing 76.6% do not have ICT equipment in their various departments. However, the study also revealed that in the respondents' assessment on the attitude of health workers in IUTH to the use of ICT, they observed that non-availability of ICT equipment has hindered the health workers from showing serious interest, leading to a widespread apathy towards ICT because of lack of facilities for their use. This study concluded from its findings that greater numbers of
health workers in the developing nations are becoming aware of the use of ICT in health institutions to increase the effectiveness of health care services delivery.

Key word: Health, ICT, literacy, Nigeria, University, Hospital


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