The availability and utilization of information communication technologies (ICTs) in college of education (COE) Minna, a survey

  • B.M Diris
Keywords: Information, availability, utilization, ICT, College, education, Minna.


This study surveyed the availability and use of information and communication technology (ICT) facilities in the college of education (COE) Minna, Niger State Nigeria. A survey research design was used for this study. One set of questionnaire was used to collect data for the study. A total of 2, 500 staff of the college constituted the population of the study. To obtain a sample for this study, a proportionate random sampling of 10% was used to draw the sample from the group – the academic staff and non – academic staff senior. Some of the ICT facilities found include computers, CD-Rom, printers internet video tapes, audio tapes, microphone etc The study also found that despite the fact that a lot of benefits accrue from the use of ICT facilities, their uses are still very low in the college. To improve the usage therefore the study recommends that the school authority and government should provide more excess and training for the staff.

Key Words: Information, availability, utilization, ICT, College, education, Minna.


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