Potentials of fee-based library services in Nigeria: with a case report of a fee-based service in a medical library

  • E Anyaoku
  • O Nwosu
Keywords: Fee-based, Library, Services, MEDLINE, University


Libraries have traditionally been custodians of information which are provided free of charge to users. Recent decline in funds to libraries and the change in the concept of information from a free resource to a marketable resource in the information age have necessitated the re-evaluation of free services in the libraries. The article presents a case report of a fee-based CD-ROM Medline medical information search service in the medical library of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. Analysis of the Annual Reports of Medline service shows that a total of 1561 users accessed the service during the six year period it lasted. The article presents the potential benefits of fee on the service as no interruption of service because of lack of funds and staff motivation. In addition the paper presented other potential benefit Nigerian libraries can derive from fee-based service which include increased technology acquisition as most fee-based services require a measure of technology. In conclusion the paper notes that with careful planning, fee-based library services have the potentials to help generate income for effective information provision in Nigerian libraries.

Key words: SERVICOM, User, Services, Univeristy, Library

Key words: Fee-based, Library, Services, MEDLINE, University


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eISSN: 1597-4316