Wi-Fi Network Communication Technology Design

  • EA Onibere
  • E Nwelih
  • EA Ikpotokin
Keywords: Wi-Fi, Network, Wireless, Technology and Communication


As a result of techno logical advancements in wireless networks there has been an increasing interest in the inter -connecion of computers through the wireless medium. Since its debut in the late 1990s, wireless technology has become as much a necessity as the wired technology. Each new iteration of wireless technology brings with it new features like speed, and wireless technology has grown in popularity exponentially. The development of faster wireless technology is empowering users to share resources, to crate workgroups, to extend the capabilities of the personal computers, mobile systems and to access an amount of endless data distributed in millions wireless network servers. This paper is concerned with chronicling the design issues of Wi -Fi network communication technology taking into consideration constraints and challenges addressed in the evolution of other communications networks, such as wired public switched telephone network (PSTN) for internet connectivity. These constraints make it difficult to design affordable wi reless systems that meet every need. We highlight the different types of wireless networks, in respect to their technologies. Transmission media (like Satellite, VSAT), access method used to transmit both voice and data on the networks and underlying software and hardware requirements. Also the various standards and protocol for proper wireless networks management, the various authentication and encryption techniques of Wi -Fi network were examined.

Keyword: Wi-Fi, Network, Wireless, Technology and Communication


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eISSN: 2805-3478
print ISSN: 1597-4316