National Youth Service Corps members and their information needs

  • OA Abiolu
  • FE Efosa
Keywords: Information, access, needs, sources, National, Youth, Service, Corps, Ondo, State.


This survey study examined the inf ormation needs of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) members and it is one of the few to do so. A purposive sample of 500 which is equal to about a fifth of the serving men and women from various parts of Ondo State, Nigeria answered to the
questionnaire. Copies of this questionnaire were randomly administered. The data were analysed using descriptive statistics. The leading areas of information needs of respondents are health (78.78%), current affairs (78.10%), NYSC programmes and activities (71.40%), rec reation and
politics (65%). The sources mostly used on a daily basis to obtain information include radio (88.3%), television (84%), friends (83%), neighbours (81.9%), and colleagues at work (81.6%). NYSC officers (54.5%) were mostly used on a weekly basis. Major constraints to information access by respondents are lack of information system (70.8%), lack of time due to tight activities (66.2%) and lack of
awareness of relevant information system (61.8%).The study reveals the need to better understand the nature of the information needs of the NYSC members. It recommends rejuvenating the public libraries and providing an enabling environment for technological access of information to this annual group of the general public.

Key Words: Information , access, needs, sources, National , Youth , Service, Corps, Ondo , State.


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