The transition from traditional to electronic university libraries in Nigeria: Challenges and opportunities

  • EI Aguolu
Keywords: , Transition, Tradition, Electronic, University, Libraries, Nigeria


Using relevant literature, this s tudy describe d the prevalent state of Nigerian University Libraries vis - à-vis ICT application. It explain ed how the libraries, like their counterparts in many other countries, are adopting ICT in their provision of facilities, collections and information delivery services. It highlighted the fact that the libraries are fully cognisant of ICT benefits but are facing constraints such as inadequate funds,  infrastructure, technical and ICT skills. It explains how the libraries are tackling the various financ ial, technological and ICT literacy challenges and have gone ahead with ICT adoption. It describe d the present scenario where many of the University Libraries have become hybrid, with traditional paper -based collections and manual services and practices, being juxtaposed with electronic collections, internet and online facilities and services. It conclude d that the libraries were steadily moving from the present transition stage towards full electronic libraries that would
offer quicker and multiple access to limitless information resources.

Key Words : Transition, Tradition, Electronic, University, Libraries, Nigeria.


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eISSN: 1597-4316