Roles of the polytechnic Ibadan in the academic growth and development of Nigeria

  • SM Munir
Keywords: Polytechnic, Academic, Development, Ibadan, Nigeria


Dwindling literacy rate and falling education standard ha ve gained unprecedented attention of the public in the last decade. This paper discuss ed the roles of The Polytechnic Ibadan in the academic growth and development of the nation through bring back book culture and effective utilization of library. The main objective of this study is to find out the linkage between students performance at the National Diploma level and public outcry of poor educati onal standard. In this study One Hundreds
and Twelve library users that were found in the Saki Campus library at the last examination period were considered. The instrument of study was administration of questionnaire which was designed to elicit information from respondents. The questionnaire deals with attitude to academic work. A look at students/ candidates performance between 2006 and 2008 in West African Examination Council WAEC result is highly disturbing as the average justification of poorest stand ard in education. The result of last three years ND programme at Saki showed that the science, based courses lead the distinction as shown in this order: Science Laboratory Technology 7, and Agricultural Engineering 4 making 11 out of 21 distinctions. It c an therefore be safely concluded that the Polytechnic, Ibadan is performing all the academic function assigned to it, because the public outcry on falling academic standard is not a generalized fact as the institution can lay claim to 69.79 percent academic excellence in the last three years.

Key Words: Polytechnic, Academic, Development, Ibadan, Nigeria.


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