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Work stress factors and employee job performance in a Nigerian manufacturing firm: an empirical assessment

Longe Olukayode


The study assessed the association between work stress factors and employee job performance in a selected manufacturing organisation in Lagos State Nigeria. A total of 350 employees selected through stratified random sampling technique participated in the study. Questionnaire was the main instrument used for data collection. Data collected were analysed using both descriptive and inferential statistics. Results of the study indicated the prevalence of much work related stress in the organisation. The identified causal elements were work load, role ambiguity, insecured organizational tenure, exposure to unfavourable working conditions, long working hours and non-control over work-pace. Furthermore, the findings revealed that there was a significant negative statistically determinate linear relationship between all the identified work stress factors and employee job performance, denoting that as the work stress factors increase, employee job performance decreases. The study concluded that stressors inherent in manufacturing organizations predisposed employees to work related stress, thereby impairing their job performance in the work place.

Keywords: Employee job performance, Manufacturing organisation, Work condition and Work related stress

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